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J.W. Anderson announced the 18 spring and summer series also announced yesterday, and CONVERSE of the two joint cooperation, a pair of shoes with CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star '70 based on the design, the upper loading glitter element material. A pair of Converse, Thunderbolt, 84 shoes. the series estimated to wait for a period of time before the release of love, friends also need to pay more attention to. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! as Reebok one of the most popular sneakers at present, Pump Supreme ushered in the very popular "Triple Black" and "Triple White", two pairs of new colors. The two pairs of Pump Supreme continuation of the lightweight breathable streamlined knitted socks type shoe body, covered on the upper on the air bag, the Pump button and other details with Griphook followed by black and white two color show, but at the end of the rubber collage design exudes a unique retro atmosphere Reebok. Priced at $24840 yen, the two pairs of Reebok Pump Supreme has been available through the atmos designated stores purchased. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!remember the BAPE we introduced you earlier; X, Mita, x, Reebok, three parties, joint Instapump, Fury? But after that Reebok A and BATHING APE recently released again; a pair of shoes to celebrate the joint, Iverson entered the hall of fame, the two sides deliberately chose this year to usher in the 20th anniversary Reebok Question Mid as a design object. On the basis of retaining the classic prototype, vamp to nylon material to build, and BAPE iconic camouflage into olive green tone shoes, heel and Allen Iverson "3" sign is replaced by Bapesta Logo, lead to higher identification of. At present, this pair of joint shoes also no specific information on sale, like friends may wish to note that we have brought you follow-up reports. New England Patriots is an American football team. It was founded in 1959, and its owner, Robert Kraft, recently collaborated with Nike to create a new pair of Air Force 1 Ultraforce Low shoes. The black leather material through the shoe body, both sides of the Swoosh and Logo are filled with silver heel, and the tongue appeared in the New England Patriots team's first Logo, retro look, finally with the classic white bottom.Adidas launched this year's EQT Support 93-17 has been highly praised after the sale, overwhelmed, Adidas once again launched the milky white version of EQT Support 93-17 Glitch Camo "Cream" shoes. The shoe still uses the iconic Primeknit and the full palm BOOST midsole, and the shoe side cleverly uses the adidas iconic three bar as the shoelace hole. It is reported that the shoes will be sold this summer, like friends may wish to act as soon as possible. 〈br nike="" air="" presto="" premium="" hot="" shoes="" "oatmeal"="" heavy="" return="" 2017-01-03="" 11:27:282016 became hot shoes Nike Air Presto in, and the retro Premium version of "Oatmeal", which was born in 2000, returned again this spring! The shoes in the retention of the original design at the same time, the whole light khaki, and for making embossed leather uppers with extension of the good performance of the collocation, the milky white translucent lacing system, toe and heel presented together. Finally, use the same color system midsole and shoelaces for shoes perfect ending. At present, the shoes are now on sale, like friends may wish to pay attention to.The new Nike Air Max TR 2K12 training shoes series once again exposed a new color, this shoe body with black mesh material as base material, and matte leather toe cap collocation gray, gray, green, green fluorescence like Air Max 95 and 97 wavy lines of shoe body decoration, FREE feeling the midsole and outsole heel also joined the more domineering and dazzling green fluorescent Air Max window air cushion technology. At the same time fluorescent shoelace holes green and red label is also quite dazzling and dotting. This section is now available on Kicks-crew, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. 2012-12-17 08:55 upload and download attachments (185.68 KB) Nike Air Force 1 Low, with its classic shoes, tends to make people think they have a lot of similar colors. This time we see this Nike Air Force 1 Low, and the previous release of a Nike Air Force 1'07 has the same purpose. However, this is a full brown upper with dark brown wood texture and a matte yellow background, and the same dark brown outsole. Overall color concise and generous, can be regarded as a classic practical good shoes. This is now in the South Wales retailers and NikeStore on sale. Download (65.06 KB)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2004 ?? 8 ?? 28 morning, when Liu Xiang over the last fence, in front of television Malaysian Chinese beauty Ku Min lady style aside, the moment "simply scream" . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ku Min is JWT (JWT) account director, responsible for the work of this team in a 4A advertising company Nike s foamposites for cheap ervice. She only remembers a signle customer dial telephone, and finally found, and the other being desperately rang her: the first time we have to share the surprise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "This is really like a gamble." September 7, Gu Yue Min recalled the scene that day, still conceal excitement. Of course, winning is not only Liu Xiang, the much-anticipated men's 110 meters hurdles final runway, her clients Nike had the last laugh. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "on the 28th, lucky day," the three versions & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at 10:00 on September 8, Nike Chinese company The marketing department employees are the few classic hurdles Liu Xiang printed advertising Sketchpad shot carried away conference room, these special drawing board soon to give Liu Xiang. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; At the same time, published in the "on the 28th, lucky day," Liu Xiang large posters have covered the Shanghai who sell Nike products all shop windows. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; these posters designed by JWT Nike print ad "auspicious articles." Gu Yue Min said, "auspicious articles" actually designed three versions: gold version, silver and bronze version and unlicensed versions. Finals ended, responsible for media buying business JWT Mindshare immediately notify the three major cities Beijing, Shanghai and selected five newspaper advertising department, the same day delivery gold version celebrate advertising. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "! The market of integrated marketing with too perfect" copy creative director of JWT origin ???? he said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hu Gang, another creative director Zhu art origin and companies have time to work the 2089 Nike Team, it is the longest pair partner JWT. Nike JWT Team is able to maintain the most exciting Team, because Nike is usually given maximum creativity and play space. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the initial advertising market in China, Nike chose JWT, but is only responsible for Nike JWT in mainland China and Hong Kong's advertising business, agents of Nike's global advertising is WiedenKennedy, the company is said to have an office recently into China. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; WiedenKennedy Nike launched during the Athens Olympic Games advertising creative is Yundi version of "Can you faster than you." This is the unified version of the Nike television commercials in the world put. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Gu Yue Min has been in discussions with her clients, how to use the opportunities the Athens Olympics, a surprise move in China's marketing. This time Liu gradually into view. In mid-July, Nike China and recommended behest, ancient and her partner began formal work plan to make Liu Xiang. Creativity is still the starting point, "You can be faster than you." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; consider Liu Xiang in Japan, Europe has run out of good results, into the top eight should be no problem, but the Ku Min Tan Yan, had also thought better to just get a newspaper Contributed secure. When looking for Liu Xiang qualities, they found that the man was really something - he is beyond his idol, he represents a breakthrough, Asians do not do things exactly the same with Nike, which demands global advertising concept . Ancient suddenly excited, she got a lot of video data to see Liu Xiang, "He is very 'real', you really touched him." Liu Xiang, the show's strong desire to win and personality, it seems at JWT Team Nike, Nike is the global market to promote its theme "Can you faster than you" living examples. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; then began starry night and hardships, has experienced four major proposals would be. Each has three or four proposals discussed new ideas, eventually two creative script sift through, the final decision is sent to Nike headquarters. "Nike sees no need to add too many elements in the ad, Nike's appeal is very pure, is exercise, as long as full of athletes, like the kind of spirit manifested." Hu Gang said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike may be embodied in the spirit advocated by Liu Xiang body perfectly." JWT's creative team decided to use the definition of Asian, because Liu Xiang not only belong to the Chinese people's glory, and Asians are Chinese people to help in the international fight to glory. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's operation is quite standard, advertising creative script to notify the Chinese Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, who proposed should avoid talking about skin color, so "Who sprint stadium There is only black and white levels? "copywriter was abandoned when the final plan finalized in early August, only two weeks of operating time. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zhu Hailiang call with Nike and JWT already have had many pleasant cooperation of Chinese new generation of directors Li Ran, let him at that time do not pick another piece, left the time to do this ad film. From shooting to editing, dubbing, all the work done in August 16. And under normal circumstances, such an ad film shoot, need 4-6 weeks time. Hu Gang said that during that time the whole team can be described as "passion investment." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; through its international network analysis, Nike has realized that Liu might be changing the first person of Asian track and field history. So, f jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black inally came out of the television advertising "Breaking the Law" chapter is such a picture: on the starting line, ready to move, the calf muscles ...... Asian complexion starting with a series of actions, subtitles play: Law 1, Asians muscle explosive enough? Law 2, Asians can not become the world sprint trapeze? Law 3, Asians lack the momentum to win? - Lens opened, Liu Xiang leading the way, the opponents behind. Subtitles played: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the laws are made to be broken & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; August 24 preliminaries before the day began in the above ad broadcast nationally, and with international versions of Nike ads evenly divided over the time period, from the 27th, all put Liu Xiang Nike ad. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; August 27 to 29, Nike requested relevant companies to consumers sample three major cities in 1500 to do market research showed that sports brands, respondents Liu Xiang of this ad deepest impression. Liu Xiang Nike tells the story, not only resonated widely in the field of sports. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu Xiang, a specialized service person & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu Xiang blockbuster, a lot of people envy Nike overwhelmed betting success. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "This is absolutely not an accident," Nike Pan Jianhua, director of marketing for Greater China, said, "Any one perfect marketing, is not a coincidence." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a professional sports company Nike has a staff of rich professional experience in the field of sports. "We can determine who is a rising star, before he lit, Nike will be excavated to provide the best equipment for him, to help him improve performance." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike today's success depends largely on the work of the athlete as a partner so we have to put Nike personified, as long as optimistic about the signing of Nike athletes, will appoint someone to serve, to provide any possible assistance to athletes. . "Pan said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike Chinese company has two marketing department, a brand marketing, a sports marketing department, the former is responsible for advertising and public relations affairs, the latter signed the main job is to serve the athletes, including monthly orders to the headquarters to meet the equipment requirements of athletes throughout the year, and is responsible for contacts with the national sports community. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; height 190CM Li Tong is such a Nike employee, his identity is now marketing manager of Nike, responsible for contacts with the National Athletics Association. Nike had signed Liu Xiang and enable it as an advertising spokesman, Li Tong is the worship Huiyanshizhu strongly referrals & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the reality is often more dramatic color, before Liu Xiang Li Tong is the men's 110 meter hurdles Asian record holder for many years. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Li Tong Nike in 1981 he signed the first athlete in China, in 2002 returned from overseas to join Nike. At that time, Nike also began to renew close cooperation with the Chinese Athletics Association. In Lee's extraordinary experience, track and field team for the case of its hand. When Liu Xiang participate in the Games and the World University Games in 18 years old, it caused Lee's attention, when Liu Xiang's performance is 13 seconds 34, he is convinced that the boy has great potential to reach a higher level. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the recommendation of Li Tong, Nike headquarters to send someone to go to the competition at Liu repeated site visits, concluded: Liu Xiang is definitely a rising star! Nike China that year signed a contract with Liu Xiang. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Li Tong is still clearly remember that Liu Xiang to take the Universiade gold medal in 2001, when he wore blue and golden hook, there are eight nails 97 models of Nike running shoes, that Nike shoes are then supplied to the Chinese track and field team, Li Tong Liu Xiang even guess which shoes to wear old athlete left. The following year, Liu Xiang in Lausanne, wearing a pair of white Nike running shoes, the first to break the Asian record. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on the World Cup tournament held in Paris, escorted Li Tong, Liu Xiang, wearing the new Nike shoes provide. After the game, Liu Xiang Li Tong will convey the views of the company: the soles do not need so much nail fastener into lace. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; brother Li Tong told the company starting from a professional point of view how to help Liu Xiang, continued assistance to the office to the corresponding requirements, and from the macro to provide some professional advice to Liu Xiang. In 2003, Nike Liu Xiang opened the special treatment, try to provide help in the Nike can assist the range, including arrangements to attend a number of activities to meet the clothing, equipment, special requirements, especially when the period of Liu Xiang competition abroad, will send accompany someone to help deal with the interference of various affairs of his game. Equivalent to almost half the broker role. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Athens Olympic Games, Li Tong also escorted. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sports marketing Lee is located, now has more than 20 employees, and the need to conti jordan 3 katrina 2018 nue to increase manpower, because there are more and more positive signing players need additional services. "We now have great potential pick players, many of whom are new rising stars." Pan Jianhua said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu worth? & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Li Tong opinion, there should be a 21-year-old Liu Xiang decades maintained a high level of competitive state, if well maintained, can last until 34 career ~ 35 years old. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu worth? This is after the August 28 issue of media are keen to discuss. A Beijing company, said Liu Xiang upset annual advertising contract is 2 million yuan; some of the advertising profession reporter spoke to said that, at least, should be at 300 million yuan. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as of now, in television commercials for the brand endorsement of Liu Xiang only three: Nike, Coca-Cola, Maxima. The three companies had little move, and now seems to look flash in the pan. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Maxima in February this year, Liu Xiang was formally signed. Liu Xiang Maxima will recommend to its advertising agency Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd.. The company's business director, said Liu Xiang felt very young, in the rising period, some achievements have been very easy, and in addition to the requirements of the sport Hurdle rate, but also requires considerable technical and explosiveness, which brand and Maxima demands very consistent. He refused to disclose the contract amount, but rumors of this comprehensive agreement only a few dozen yuan. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; another one can not spend much money. It is said that Pepsi had to go first to the door, out of the price tag is 100,000 yuan a year, in the Paris world championships, Liu Xiang won the bronze medal, competitors Coca-Cola contract value quickly from 250,000 added to 35 million yuan, Liu Xiang won 2004 advertising contract. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and Nike regard, according to unofficial reports, Liu Xiang has just renewed. A widely circulated statement is reproduced by competing Nike contract is about 400 million / year. Nike Pan Jianhua, director of marketing, admits not so much to the newspaper. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and former two different is that Nike talking about Liu Xiang, it seems even some love the feeling. "We are investing in the future, such as the amount is not out preaching, but the contract can be modified, the contribution of the two sides which can be reflected in the contract, Nike has quietly done a lot of things, Liu Xiang will have a better marketing plan . "Pan Jianhua said. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This year, Nike is the world's lightest Liu Xiang specially made special shoes, red, white, gold three pairs. Pan said he hoped to wear a pair of gold shoes heart when Liu Xiang finals, but Nike's principle is to do everything we can in advance, will not provide any comments. Liu Xiang, the final choice is white shoes. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu Nike also ready to help a special commemorative edition CD. "It does not matter with the market, he was an outstanding athlete, Nike worth doing a lot of things for him." In 2008, Liu Xiang will be 25 years old, this is the golden age of athletes, and Nike wish him more success in the home. But the two sides to the contract exactly when? Only Pan said, it is now very clear that Liu Xiangming will appear in Nike's advertising and marketing activities. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, from the Pan conversation, he clearly hopes this will be a continuation of a long time of the contract. Pan Jianhua said that he very much hope that, one day you can have Nike's US headquarters buildings, "Cheung House." Several buildings Nike headquarters are in long-term close cooperation relationship with Nike athlete named, such as Michael? Jordan House, Agassi floor. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; marketing department has been working for 10 years at Nike Pan slight criticism for some beverage companies like Nike to take the car along the practice. "We'll see the future, long-term planning. Nike never do a one-time deal, because you can not understand the athletes, grasp its characteristics and its market tightness " & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; the Athens Olympics, Nike-sponsored China National There are 24 teams, 32 Chinese team won the gold medal belongs to Nike-sponsored athlete has 12, the groundbreaking project, in addition to the men's 110 meter hurdles, tennis, canoeing, women are all meters Nike sponsorship. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike most willing to do, to do the most good is to train a rising star not purely sport turn into a business, contract money trouble, but to create opportunities. His ability to break through the culture, the return will be in the back. Some people would argue that only the big companies have the strength to do so, but Nike original size of small companies do now, is because he insisted on doing so. "Pan said that from now until 2008 , Nike headquarters will use the players and coaches of global cooperation resources, go to more experts to help Chinese sports development, to meet the special needs of sports associations to help cooperation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". Nike is the only compa jordans on sale mens ny willing to invest in the future of the company," he said.D Lillard Adidas 2 "Ball Tennis" offer to remind the August 30, 2016 /0 review / in: shoes information / by: SneakerDaily; earlier I participated in a singing show Lillard on foot a new eye-catching color Adidas D Lillard 2? "Tennis Ball", and the shoes will be held today officially added. Shoes with green fluorescence throughout, One-Tone solid through the streamline shape show the unique personality, the pursuit of love and Lillard rap culture, the pursuit of freedom and independence ideals; echo the 2016 U.S. Open tennis tournament, tennis vamp joins plush material to create texture, collocation is followed by stable TPU reinforcement, better stability, and equipped with BOUNCE the bottom corrosion with quick response performance. The shoe is now available in the designated Adidas retail stores shelves, priced at $$105. ?? ?; anyShare share: Tags: adidas Lillard 2 D, Adidas D Lillard 2 Tennis Ball, Adidas D Lillard 2 Adidas D Lillard 2 fluorescent green fluorescent yellow 240374 SneakerDaily SneakerDaily2016-08-30 02:17:402016-08-30 copy of 06:42:41adidas D Lillard 2 "Tennis Ball" on sale may remind you of love Adidas D Lillard 2 ASG all star real picture Adidas D Lillard 2 D Lillard 2 new color debut of Adidas " Yellow Tape" Adidas D Lillard is now on sale 2 new D Lillard 2 color exposure Adidas " Dame Time" Adidas D D new color previewAdidas, a nearly century-old sports brand born twenty years since the last century, with the "leader" attitude stands in the world's sporting goods brand camp, and continue to enjoy the joy of success incoming. That is such a good sports brand not only for the world of sport have made outstanding contributions, while under his innovation and guide the development of the economy and the sporting goods industry world sports industry was showing more exciting. But since the 1970s, in the United States running sports craze is a serious setback after the newborn rival Nike, which relates brand fate of "Lost" has been accompanied by their difficult journey through the decades, and the marketing profession finishing put into a classic case of failure in the classroom teaching. However, the rapid development of sports industry in China today. Adidas began to break out from the previous loss and rigorous style in Germany, calm and cool in a comprehensive strategic transformation, expecting to win back share in the past distinguished honor from fast to win in the Chinese market. "leader" of honor and recession brand Adidas founder Adi Dassler ?, Dassler was a shoemaker, or an obsession with amateur athletics athletes. He started in business in 1926, when his family opened a specialized manufacturer of lightweight running shoes and football shoes factories. Since 1948, Dassler brothers produced family conflicts, Dassler company into two. Where a company owned by a company called Puma ? Adi Dassler's brother, another is now Adidas. 1), the history of the noble honor Adi Dassler to Adidas significance as Phil Knight of Nike for the same, but his influence is always more than the latter. He is not only track and field athletes and sports enthusiasts, is also a bit respected technology, quality and passion for innovation of entrepreneurs and inventors. He listened to the views of athletes, personally participated in track and field competition, the players on the bench and analyze their demand for athletic shoes. "Function first" is the company's main theme, "giving athletes the best" has become the company's slogan. From the outset, Adidas product innovation as the driving force for development. ? Adi Dassler was the initiator of many technological breakthroughs were obtained more than 700 patents. Adidas, the birth of the world's first pair of skates, the first pair of shoes more clinch first Shuangjiao casting football spikes ...... especially Adidas spikes screwed type is a very revolutionary concept, people even think it is German soccer team won the World Cup in 1954 has achieved a lot. Especially in the Dassler family, Adi - Dassler's eldest son Horst Dassler ? extraordinary marketing talent, his groundbreaking for the Adidas brand to establish a "pyramid" type of promotion mode, the first brand in the visual link with the athletes, sports teams, big game and related sports activities. Under his initiative, Adidas became the first athlete to excellent sports shoes complimentary companies, sports teams and signed the first long-term provision of shoes, socks and contract company, so that people see in the many world-class competitions Elite athletes wearing a new Adidas products. Most dating back 1956 Melbourne Olympics, when introduced into a subsidiary of Adidas brand - "Melbourne", launched an improved multi clinch sneakers. In that year, wearing Adidas shoes of the players broke 33 records, obtained 72 medals. 1980, Adidas's sales reached $ 1 billion. The main product categories of market share as high as 70%. Companies producing 150 different styles of sneakers, 24 plants in 17 countries daily output reaches 200,000 pairs. Adidas produc cheap foamposites for sale ts sold in 150 countries. 2), the history of the tragic fate last century, 80 years ago, Adidas in the minds of consumers with extraordinary brand status, a survey has analyzed the time: More than half of the average American through Adidas sneakers, wearing Adidas players to participate in the New York Marathon in 1970 from 150 in 1979 to 5,000 people. However, after the 1980s, Adidas jogging overlooked rise in the United States the world's largest sporting goods market in this, the number of that part of the bottom of the pyramid consumers to participate in running activities of the surge, Adidas miss the opportunity, seize the opportunity to make sports rookie Nike, final with great success. This may be successful often encountered questions: Why invest in an unfamiliar field? Jogging is not a group or competitive sports, it is not the same company familiar with the market, not in the Adidas joggers in the three levels of the pyramid. Adidas could not establish contact with any team, club or organization. This one has some "pride" of the composition. Adidas designers to design shoes jogger is a layman, they seem to think that lowering the requirements of running shoes is to reduce the professional standards. Although they eventually devised a new running shoes, they think these shoes will make any person to wear it lame foot, so give it a nickname called "lame." Adidas attitude and the German car company Lexus appears to reflect Japan's very similar: a good car is ready for serious drivers, they do not need soft seat and cup Tuozih. Adidas jogging craze finally noticed Sports. But when he belatedly introduced new products, product selling point not clear departure from the brand's core values. In addition, adidas marketing plan is still in use in the 1970s model, and Nike has a lot of creative and innovative methods used. Adidas brand problem occurs is not surprising, especially in young people think Adidas very conservative, although easy to use, but not fashionable. In the meantime, Nike became the industry leader in market share of 33%, 50% after two years. Contrary with Nike, Adidas's market share rapidly decline. Of course, at this time of recession, Adidas, as well as from its internal management deficiencies. After the 1978 Adi Dassler's death, Adidas lost the main driving force of technological innovation, 1985 ? Horst Dassler's death so that Adidas has lost a visionary brand with the brand managers, the Adidas brand began to shake. In 1989, the company sold to a controversial French - Bernard Ta Pier. Ta Pier political ambitions over his business interests. Three years later, when he found himself caught in financial difficulties, he put control of Adidas sold to the French bank consortium. This is the most painful history of Adidas scene. 1988 to 1992, annual sales of Adidas dropped from 2 billion $ 1.7 billion, Nike's annual sales growth over the same period from 1.7 billion to $ 3.4 billion. 1970s Adidas or American market leader, and in 1992 the market share of only 3%. 1991-1992, in Germany, Adidas's main European markets, the market share from 40% down to 34%, while Nike grew from 14% to 18%. Meanwhile, Nike's sales in Europe rose by 38 percent, Adidas fell almost 20 percent, the company lost $ 100 million until 1993, after a slight improvement. China two decades to defend the strategic transformation storm 1), defensive Chinese market two decades Adidas in 1980 began to focus on China sports goods market, and the establishment of brand promotion agencies in the country. However, in the decades of market advance, the performance was quite restrained, in market share has always been unsatisfactory (capable of generating sales profit is something recent). A noteworthy detail is: even the local brand Li Ning from China is more willing to claim their main competitors are Nike, Adidas instead. traced, which mainly depends on the mentality of Adidas in China two decades of development, that still maintain a wait and see attitude and explore the development of the Chinese market, and in the Nike brand continues to take the initiative of Always take a strategic defense. This is perhaps the 1980 Adidas Nike's lost events, but ultimately reduce the ability to reflect and Adidas brand in the Chinese market interactive communication, thus could not be more in-depth services to market competition. into China at the beginning, Adidas brand positioning and network building ideas and their long-term planning and development in China and did not conflict, but he was not able to like Nike as quickly win market initiative, so the market high growth and rapidly increasing share of profits. There is no doubt that China's rapidly growing economy, but would welcome Nike so good at "manufacturing business opportunities" in the market challenger. During the same period, especially as Nike, Adidas entering the Chinese market brand, market share is not only far better than Nike, which was too calm and cool "noble" style, leaving consumers to always feel "high is "" elusive ", the lack of an essential consumer affinity. However, Nike was able to rely on constantly updated products rebellious cowboy theme and the pervasive influence of brand image and moving young Chinese consume cheap jordans for sale rs (such as: Nike "Digital Man" has become one of China's most popular consumer era symbols). At the same time many new local brands Sheng average follow Nike model, in the "cowboys" in front of a mighty force, but also increased the Adidas this "noble" sense of loneliness and reduced Adidas market competitiveness. These are the main factors Adidas lost the Chinese market. Of course, Adidas in China can stick to nearly two decades of market defense, but also from China was special market environment. Adidas brand in the global market position in the high-end market, which every pair of sneakers are generally priced at nearly a thousand dollars or even a thousand dollars, for ordinary Chinese consumers, just a luxury. After all, is not the overall development of Chinese economy, but also allowed Chinese people are able to pull out one yuan to buy Adidas products (Nike once the price dropped to the public price, it is intended to expand the market share competition, ultimately failed. China local brand low-cost strategy is precisely to meet the Chinese consumer). Meanwhile, Adidas terminal network to super cities and a city mainly in the premium market and a market, Adidas sales space is very limited, which in addition to, and can not afford, or think no need to buy such products to consumers, the urban population spending power is also an important reason. 2), the defense strategy after the storm Adidas no longer has the "first leader" position in the sporting goods industry, has become an indisputable fact. Its solid brand foundation, product development capability and market capacity, the Adidas should not be so great there is always a distance with Nike. Competitive sporting goods market in the face of the rapid development of Adidas if we can not as a driving force of grief, can not narrow the gap with Nike that rivals from its current position in the market may soon not be maintained, while the new Sheng up Chinese local brands and some international brands have begun to become Adidas another way invisible killer. coupled into the twenty-first century, China's sports industry has been rapid economic development, China has become a large international brand market fastest growing regional market, this is very real and possessed great development space Adidas market environment has continued to tolerate the loss and destruction, Adidas only take the initiative to accept the challenge, before winning back the brand vitality. In this regard, 2003 adidas established on the basis of the original market, the formal establishment of the new company unified management of the entire Chinese market work area. At the time, Adidas China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Greater China three branches merge promotion agencies, and look at ways to become one of the strategic development of global Adidas, Adidas also began to implement the strategy to develop an important signal storm. The general idea Adidas is: designed to take advantage of growth opportunities in Asia Pacific, to promote the complementary advantages of Chinese regional markets, accelerate the development of a global brand in the Asia Pacific region. The Chinese region into the important core of the global strategy, to change the past too conservative approach, to move from strategic defense strategic initiative, and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing brought the sports industry economic environment, expand market share and brand penetration, thorough a frontal attack on change-line brand and side impact offline Nike brand so as to Chinese Mandarin area for the future development of the core area led to the development of the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. Adidas basic reason for unified management of the institution in Greater China over the development of business ideas above, the following main elements of its market is very favorable: First, With the prosperity of China's national sport, China's sports industry will be greatly changed economic environment, the data show: By 2010, China's sports industry output will reach 28.12 billion yuan, it is considered second only to America's most promising sports supplies consumer market (Japan III). There is no doubt, if not quickly win the Adidas in the Chinese market today, two years later, only herald a new round of global market failures. Second, is held in China for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be the best opportunity to promote the brand sporting goods brand, he brought not only the brand in the Chinese region of pull and brand , but it involves the rapid expansion of global marketing. Third, with the rapid economic development of China's sports industry and mass movement of Chinese consumers have independent consumer awareness in the movement of products, further increase in spending power will not only increase the number of purchases habitual and constantly changing sports , whether high-quality sports products, the availability of high-tech has also become one of the most important criteria to select consumers. Finally, for Adidas, Nike, the two international sports brand, the real competitive environment, Nike in the global and regional markets are constantly ahead of Adidas, but would like to defeat Adidas, it is not easy to thing, because the relationship between Adidas and global sports and sports industry economic origins deep, with Nike as a global consumer and sports fields all have a memorable brand image, spiritual beliefs have become the two major sports development. Should be said that competition between them is more like a marathon race, there is always a mutual chase each other, the final victory remains to be the test of time. Whatever its market situation, but Adidas is still the position at the forefront of China's sports camp competition, its brand position and market influence more competitive brands and sports should not be neglected by the economic environment. Of course, Adidas unified Chinese zone management is its strategy to develop signal storm, the real power is still in its attacking brand strategy implementation steps are sufficiently strong and shock. Adidas, the world, it is China's Adidas. understand the Adidas brand colleagues should be aware that Adidas never a lack of outstanding high-tech products, because Adidas has always regarded the "movement science and technology" for the brand development and fundamental raw power, which is the Adidas brand is a long-term war of resistance sporting goods market, an important reason. As the brand in recent years developed the a3, T-MAC3, Y-3 and other technology in the use of the product in the global history of sports has epoch-making significance. Meanwhile, Adidas has used constantly updated technology and improving product design capabilities. For example: In 2004, Adidas launched following the 2002 with shock-absorbing, guide, drive "triple energy management" concept launched a3 shoes, again with the launch of a revolutionary wearable, resistance to temperature, shock-absorbing "a3 ULTRA RIDE running shoes. " Adidas launched the same year "ClimaCool" series 360 breathable sneakers. 2005, Adidas in the global sports community caused a sensation in the world's first two-chip smart sneakers "adidas-1" on April 15th official visit to China, although the high price of 2,680 yuan, but still as many sports enthusiasts touted high-tech sports products. November this year, Adidas has designed for boxing legend Muhammad Ali and design ? scientific content includes fashion sports products, also has stores in China each OTC ...... As a long-term concern Adidas development of the author, always have been shaken by a strong R & D capability Adidas and high-tech products. I also have to say: in this regard in addition to the Nike brand, which is estimated to have no longer have the strength of the brand to compete with the Adidas. only Adidas can not be based on the strength of a solid product itself, further improve the brand penetration in the strategic defensive stage. So that Chinese consumers really feel "Adidas on the side," "Adidas is not just movement aristocracy, it is indispensable to the Chinese people, the quality of sports life partner." Here, you can He observed that since the Chinese district Adidas unified management business work, in addition to the introduction of high-tech sports products, its marketing has been Click to goal levels over China sporting goods industry continues to drive the industry throws out one sufficient economic Development storm bomb. 1), Chinese localization sports sponsorship in accordance with the business strategy of Adidas, said the integration of the branch if the same language area is a sign of the contents of its strategy of storm, then the giant Sponsored owned Chinese football is the first bomb Adidas Greater China region was established. Since 1999, Adidas will expire five-year contract with the Chinese Football Association signed in 2004, in order to let the market develop China region to have solid communication to promote local resources, Adidas was founded in China area agencies That is in contact with the Chinese Football Association in advance of Time. Although the price tag, the Nike brand is also actively involved at this time, and the Chinese Football Association to open a high price to attract attention, but Adidas football after China market trends in the coming years to conduct a comprehensive analysis and forecasting, and ultimately out of the 500 million yuan of The six-year sponsorship deal in football bag. Meanwhile, the return of Adi available to greatly increase than before, including in China's advertising team competition venues, shirts copyright. After the signing of this new agreement, and the market by nearly a year confirmed: genuine team jersey, including jackets have become the new hot spot for Adidas product sales, especially Adidas "Falcon series "new soccer shoes also got the best localization interpretation. Also in the period 2004 to 2009, the Chinese team's game tasks include not only the 2006 World Cup, more important is the 2008 Olympic Games, which will have two events will be the Adidas brand strong resources in China in the region. More surprising is that lapse of less than a year, Adidas has carried out a record investment to 200 million yuan of funds and in-kind sponsorship of the Chinese national volleyball team, duration five years time. This figure is the national volleyball team a few times in the past to accept sponsorship. This is also the history of Adidas Volleyball largest sum. While Adidas has sponsored the Cuban women's volleyball team, the scale of Chinese volleyball team's sponsor, one stroke more than the sponsorship of the Cuban team. The reason Adidas heavily sponsored by the Chinese volleyball, which have a certain relationship with the Chinese women's volleyball team has long made success, the Chinese women's volleyball team's performance is China's major sports projects always been the best, the image is Very good, but "value" has been low, long-term is the "Phoenix sold a chicken price." Especially with the Chinese women's volleyball team in the 2003 World Championship again won the world championship in 2004 and regain the Olympic champion, China volleyball net worth soared straight up. Adidas sponsorship funds are willing to throw hundreds of millions of Chinese sports organization, in its China region also belong to the history of a miracle promotional campaign, I also think this is a wise move, because to let Chinese people Especially young people love and buy Adidas products Adidas pyramid promotion model must be allowed to achieve localization of operation, only so we can move to the parent and Chinese consumers, otherwise they erected between themselves and consumers in the past, "lofty" "to Hope not, and "brand consumer barriers. 2), the Chinese people to develop a "gold" Policy - - Contact History 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Adidas Olympic long, the first Olympic Games in 1928 appeared over Adidas sneakers. And other sponsors Coca-Cola, VISA card and other difference is that Adidas sports products for the race played a role in icing on the cake, its new products, new technology can help some athletes get excellent results, even won an unexpected gold medal sport. 1932 first to wear Adidas shoes athletes won Olympic gold medals. Germany at the 1936 Olympics, Jesse - Owens record-breaking one person to get four gold medals, so enraged Hitler in the audience. Shot Owens wearing Adidas running shoes photo widely circulated in the world. However, promotional activities sponsored by Adidas Olympic and other major sporting events has been reflected in all other regions outside the Chinese market, the Chinese market and promote only play a secondary effect. Moreover, China also failed to achieve some like the Olympics, World Cup, the focus of this international event, adidas is no other reasonable ability of this grafting. As Beijing has been given the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympic Games approaching, Adidas really feel about to have this returning to the big event. 2005 ?? 1 24, at the Beijing Olympic Center, Beijing Olympic Committee, Wang Wei, executive vice president of Adidas Greater China CEO Sandrine respectively signed the cooperation agreement. Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Adidas - Salomon Group, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games seventh partner. This means that all the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Beijing Paralympic Games staff and volunteers, technical officials and participation in the Winter Olympics and the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Chinese Olympic delegation will be wearing printed with "ADIDAS" sports logo apparel. The total value of 1.3 billion yuan sponsorship. One dramatic detail are: the Beijing Olympic Games sponsorship is between Adidas and Li Ning to expand China's domestic brands, Li Ning began to invest 1 billion yuan wishes to obtain sponsorship, but still acquired by Adidas final victory. To be sure, the Olympic Games is the world's largest and most exciting sporting event, first held in 2008 in China, which will provide a unique Adidas platform, and then in China and throughout Asia establish a brand image and business Adidas. There is no doubt, according to Adidas usual acting style, the Beijing Olympic Games will become the core of the storm's strategic promotion tactics. To be able to win the opportunity to storm the strategy around the 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas and even preparing for this one, including global and local experts Adidas team of professionals dedicated to work for the Beijing Olympic Games, the purpose is to Beijing Olympics tailored products, equipment and technology. Although the Beijing Olympic Games as well as two years from now, but you can predict that: Adidas specifically for the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing as the core of the campaign in 2007, everything will cover the promotion of Chinese sports details supplies market. 3), storm the "goodwill" tactical Adidas influence in order to secure its "pyramid" model underlying ordinary sports fans, has been committed to promoting the sport of basketball development, and long-term plan to promote the development of teenagers - "grassroots action", "street basketball" is one of the branches. "Street basketball" into China has been six years, has more than one hundred thousand people participate in this event every year, it has become one of the favorite brands in response to the activities of young Chinese basketball fans. At present, the activity has established a complete system in the world: each year from the city to the country, to the region, the promotion of progressive youth basketball tournament system so that fans around the world have a communication platform. should say "street basketball" for the Adidas brand awareness and reputation improved play an important role in promoting, but also a young Chinese realization emotional interaction and communication "goodwill" tactics. However, since the development of the brand strategy in China storm area, began to feel "street basketball" to promote the overall strength is still relatively weak, although in 2004, "race against time" and 2005's "OK, on ??to" the theme of the game have achieved extraordinary results But after all, this single overall activities and can not assist in finalizing grassroots action. Based on this Adidas "street basketball" in 2005 on the basis of special hold "Asia Pacific Rising Star Basketball Camp" in Shanghai, 48 young people from seven Asia-Pacific countries and regions, basketball players will participate in a five-day training camp, the United States accepted to free four coaches led intensive training. Coaching staff includes former assistant coach of the Utah Jazz ? Stuart Scott, and NBA player, played for the Washington Wizards Gilbert came to Shanghai for the training camp to help out. The smooth conduct of this activity once again interest young Chinese basketball fans, and the relevant sporting bodies and by the Chinese media industry special support and attention. Meanwhile, in the "grassroots action" continued traction, Adidas's "goodwill" tactical further touched young Chinese sports fans. 2004 Year "Challenge impossible" Declaration campaign officially launched the contest in China, the activity throughout the year, through the "Declaration of solicitation campaign of ordinary sports lover, then with top sports stars up close "enabling Chinese youth movement impossible dream. In particular, the eve of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, according to its sponsor Adidas European Football Cup events, especially football star called the endorsement of conduct "into Lisbon" campaign, attacking style will be extended on a global scale introduce China region, and put the theme of image advertising and provinces in China CCTV sports channel, has made great branding effect. It is also built on the ground related to the above activities, promote in-depth, such as Adidas in 2005 sponsored by the Chinese Volleyball, Beijing Olympic Games and other events was able to successfully carry out the activities. 4), net do slip through the net - Brand-depth segmentation and channel expansion implementation of the strategy to work closely with the storm Adidas, nearly two years, the Adidas brand Construction of a subversive aspects - will be divided into three series of Adidas brand, including Adidas sports performance series (formerly "Sports endless" series), sports the traditional series (formerly the classic series) and sports fashion series. This division to change the traditional sports apparel and footwear companies classified according to the method fundamentally. Adidas to give each family its own flag, were localized in different populations, are in the form of an independent brand stores are displayed in a different area, enabling the terminal cover. confirmed by the market: Due to the different series of products representing different campaign style, Adidas products are very profound sports enthusiasts meet the modern consumer psychology, Adidas brand of faith to provide a broader space optional . It is worth mentioning that, since 2004, Adidas was established in three series of products to build, based on the simultaneous movement of the expansion of the sales network. Adidas attempt to model the development of key customers actively expanding sales network, this mode is similar to convene partners franchising. But their keyword is "cooperation" rather than merely pointing "to join." According to the Adidas company information, and now they basically have to have in some of China's key customers average retail shops 50-300 a number of these partners has its own management, resources, and finance, and in support of Adidas, the use of Adidas brand retailers to create their own brands. Adidas is also prepared to support these key customers to build their own brand and believe that the two sides can reach an effective brand pull each other. Currently Adidas and its Chinese retailers to open 40 new stores per month rate of expansion - and these are built on the current Adidas 53 percent of the products are in China on the basis of production of this. By the end of 2004, Adidas in China 250 cities already have more than 1,300 stores, sales compared with 2003, an increase of 100%, sales reached 1.4 billion yuan. Adidas also fight while this rate has been maintained to 2008. By that time, Adidas in Sri Lanka's goal is to have 4,000 retail outlets in 400 cities within China, sales of over one billion euros.Sports player Terry Richardson and co-Fall 2010 Reebok shoes large 2010-10-19 10:40:21 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: different potential flow] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network October 19 hearing, the United States erotic photographer Terry Richardson and Reebok cooperation Fall 2010 shoes catalog, notice the male and female models action full of fun, for the monotonous wonders of sneakers by point a lot of pondering. Related news