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The downturn in the North American market, the impact of the basketball Adidas market share in North America, according to 2014 earnings Adidas, Adidas's sales in North America fell by 6% in 2014 which is the only negative growth in the adidas sales area. Adidas renewal serious abandonment premium NBA official equipment identity General manager of global basketball business Adidas Chris? Grand Theo said basketball business is one of the core business of Adidas, the brand in this business to get $ 1 billion in sales annually. The United States has the world's highest level of professional basketball game NBA, Adidas basketball market expansion in North America, the focus is also here. As early as 2005, Adidas up to 3.1 billion euros (about 21 billion yuan (6.2150, 0.0042, 0.07%)) acquired the official NBA jersey was still partners Reebok, Adidas and logical to identity in 2006 complete with the NBA contract, he signed a 11-year $ 400 million worth of NBA jerseys official partner of the contract. ? Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer was at the press conference, said: "This partnership will help us to immediately increase the Adidas brand exposure as a sport in the United States, 11-year partnership will allow NBA and adidas synonymous in basketball becomes. " This is the time to negotiate the renewal of the official NBA jerseys contract, but on March 17 Adidas has renoun air jordan 11 space jam for sale ced the right of renewal, and this day is tolerant in this company last day. It is reported that Adidas NBA official equipment identity not give up without a serious relationship with the NBA renewal premium market, there is news that the negotiations offer NBA season has been pulled up to $ 50 million each, while the Adidas contract before was $ 36 million annually. Chris's position on this is long-term cooperation with the NBA and not as increase brand influence and sales expected. Adidas failed to achieve the expected benefits of cooperation in the NBA jerseys, but also have a greater relationship with the NBA Nike shoes market occupation. And CBA different, NBA official equipment can not restrict sneakers, players have the option sneaker brand, Nike's basketball shoes with a reputation and star effect in the United States for many years, in the field of basketball shoes has been the Adidas pressure behind Adidas Although the official jersey equipment brand, but can not itself LOGO boarded the NBA, but is Nike shoes are on the court the murder of film a day. Adidas has with retro shirts, short-sleeved shirts and other shirts out new ways to boost sales, but the effect is not ideal. Even so, after adidas to give up, the other two sports brand giant Nike and love Dema (UnderArmour) but this is for the 2017-2018 season will be the official start of the contract vied shirt. did not choose to players less than the sales of Nike basketball shoes fraction basketball shoes in North America is $ 4.5 billion per year in the big market, you need to make a difference in the shoes market, Adidas does not understand. In fact, Adidas has buy cheap jordans online done good in football outstanding: 2014 US "Forbes" athlete revenue standings, the top 20 football players have sponsorship deal with Adidas as many as 12, Adidas spent each year for these players in total about 4,000 ten thousand US dollars, is a pretty good deal. But Adidas basketball market players on the US mining but unlike football so successful. Derek? Ross regarded Adidas basketball market in North America, few success stories, after the 2008 Rose became the NBA draft pick, Adidas high price of $ 250 million with the signing of a 10-year sponsorship contract sneakers, and a Rose Post 4 paragraph Exclusive shoes. Adidas Ross brought millions of dollars a year in sales, even if the entire 2012 season through injury, he is still with influence in the year sold $ 25 million signature shoe, sold $ 40 million in 2013 Adidas's sales hit the highest star. Reimbursement contract ????? three times a knee injury last season, but in the latest Forbes 2014 NBA star shoes sales standings, he is still ranked No. 5 $ 32 million. Ross light and can not say ???????? overall success of basketball shoes sold in the United States, its chosen another big star Dwight? Howard shoes sold in the United States, has been poor. 2013 was only $ 5 million, 2014 is down 70 percent, only $ 1.5 million, this is equivalent to speak LeBron Nike basketball headed? James signature shoes for two days of sales. James shoes in 2014 sales compared to 2013 and up $ 40 million to $ 340 million topped sneakers star charts. The list of the top eight in three endorsement Adidas, the rest belong to Nike's star, three star Adidas sneakers in 2014 total sales were $ 41.5 Retro jordans for sale million, only 12.2% James. In the 2014-2015 season, the NBA players occupy the total sneaker brand, Nike, Adidas ahead, according to Tiger bashing basketball statistics, there are 283 players wear Nike brand shoes, Adidas contract number is 70. Nike basketball shoe market with great success, largely because of Michael? Jordan, Adidas in the 1980s did not select "Air" Jordan, at that time that fans prefer taller players, was caught only Nike huge potential shares. After 30 years, Jordan has been retired for 10 years, but Nike's Jordan brand has continued to add value, last year also created a $ 2.6 billion revenue high. North America replacement sales of negative growth Group CEO and President of North America In the US basketball market in the doldrums Adidas shrinking market share in the North American microcosm, 2014 Adidas in the US market share of 7.1%, not only the world's largest competitor far from Nike's 45 percent, it was also founded in 1996 local sports brand in the United States love Dema took "the nation's second" of the throne. The United States is largely representative of the North American sports market, shrinking sales in the US market is also a direct result of the adidas sales continued to decline in North America. According to the Adidas Group 2014 earnings, in all regions except North America have achieved sales revenue growth, which in most markets also showed double-digit growth in emerging markets such as Europe and Latin America increased by 19%, increase in Greater China 10%, an increase of 8% in Western Europe, North America 2014 market sales of 2.97 billion euros, down 6%. Nike's sales in North Ameri cheap air jordans ca in 2014 up to $ 12.3 billion, compared with 2013 increased by 10%. negative growth in the North American market sales so that investors will be targeting the Adidas Group CEO Herbert longest reign? Hainer, they think Heiner in the US market made many mistakes, such as the regional headquarters and the United States lack of communication, rarely listen to local US retailers, do not bother to learn American tastes, the lack of big names in sports marketing endorsement is a big mistake, a single player from the NBA endorsements, the endorsement of the overall poor quality of players, Only in the number of Nike 1/4. Adidas NBA officially renounced the renewal of equipment the next day, Heiner leave. Adidas Group announced search for a new CEO, a suitable successor has not been announced, but Adidas has been eager to revive the North American market, has served as president of the golf brands adidas Group Americans Mark? Kim took office, president of Adidas North America. Four days ago, Mark? Kim openly corresponds to save the US market initiatives to compensate Heiner mistakes, ranked the highest priority is given to executives in North America, more power, all about American regional branding, product design Sales of decisions from Adidas's North American headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, the United States produces. Adidas Bianzhao strong play "tactical players" North America president Mark just took over? Gold has begun designing a new plan, Adidas occupation of the North American market, and as representatives of professional sports in North America can not be ignored in the field of basketball, global general m jordans on sale online anager of basketball operations Chris Adidas said that the Group's future years of investment in the field of basketball will continue to increase. "Before 2020, Adidas will increase the number of contracted NBA players, increase from the existing 70 to 140 or more, we will look at a star, the next one 'LeBron? James'." In addition, adidas will a large number of high school and college students into the US basketball league, while enrolled familiar with American pop culture new designers, in order to improve the appearance of basketball products. In addition, Mark? Kim also intends interested in other sports such as American football, baseball increase investment, Adidas currently only in NFL (American Football League) and MLB (Major League Baseball) Less than 40 signed players, the future of Mark? Gold plan these two alliances to increase the number of endorsements to 500 people, so that as many professional players put on their uniforms and shoes, in order to promote the development of the adidas Superstar effects of the US market. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:. Cartelo shoes)GS and new color Air Jordan 13 GS gray powder exposure 2013-12-08 23:02:18 next month, Air Jordan 13 panda will be in the expectation of the official debut, however, today, the network has exposed a gray pink Air Jordan 13 GS, can be described as taking care of many young shoe fans. From the picture we can see, this AJ13 GS uses a large area of gray material to build, with pink Logo, lining and midsole, I believe it can attract a lot of AJGirl. It is reported that this shoe is tentatively sche jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black duled for sale in March 16th, and there is no specific time for sale at home.Nike Kobe 8 Blue / orange / yellow new color release 2013-12-08 23:29:56, when Nike KD6 has landed the major counters, Nike another big signature shoes series Nike Kobe series is still constantly introducing Nike Kobe 8 new color matching. Now, this new blue / orange / yellow color Kobe 8 is being exposed on the Internet, and the combination of three bright eye colors makes this color dazzling. Like friends can pay attention to.After exposure, Nike Basketball today officially released the 2016 annual black history month to create special BHM series, which contains its LeBron 13, Kobe 11, KD 8 and Nike Kyrie 2 four brand shoes, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 828377-910 release date: January 18thPrice: nike-lebron-13-bhm-release-date-1.jpg (120.86 KB, download number: 28) download Nike Basketball 2016 BHM series officially released 2016-1-13 08:44 upload nike-lebron-13-bhm-release-date.jpg (110.33 KB, download number: 41) download Nike Basketball 2016 BHM series officially released 2016-1-13 08:44 upload item: 822522-914 release date: January 18thPrice: nike-kobe-11-elite-bhm-release-date-1.jpg (120.32 KB, download number: 45) download Nike Basketball 2016 BHM series officially released 2016-1-13 08:44 upload nike-kobe-11-elite-bhm-release-date.jpg (130.62 KB, download number: 23) download Nike Basketball 2016 BHM series officially released 2016-1-13 08:44 upload item: 824420-090 release date: January 18thPrice:Japanese brand tannins day before FDMTL discloses joint design and Vans of the second bom jordans on sale mens b, this time with its popular Sk8-Hi and Slip-On shoes for the design of the prototype, using the material from Japan Okayama indigo crafted, and the ultimate highlight Boro sewing collage and Sashiko two traditional embroidery craft, while weakening the transition between the mosaic design so, the overall design low-key highlights the beauty of the details. fdmtl-x-vans-second-season-sk8-hi-slip-on-11.jpg (448.59 KB, download number: 13) download FDMTL x Vans Deep Indigo 2016-9-1 10:56 upload fdmtl-x-vans-second-season-sk8-hi-slip-on-2.jpg (193.66 KB, download number: 11) download FDMTL x Vans Deep Indigo 2016-9-1 10:56 upload fdmtl-x-vans-second-season-sk8-hi-slip-on-1.jpg (193.31 KB, download number: 12) download FDMTL x Vans Deep Indigo 2016-9-1 10:56 FDMTL Vans, Deep upload, Indigo this topic by Tony in 2016-9-1 10:57 in the 00 generationScientists at the Fraunhof Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Germany have developed a new type of energy harvester using electroactive polymers. This emerging electroactive polymer is very small in size and can be embedded in the sole and used for powering embedded sensors. this energy collector with relatively large electroactive polymer film constant basis to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. Compared with the traditional piezoelectric configuration, this new concept can be used for nonresonant effects, and can extract energy from mechanical sources in low frequency range after optimization. According to the researchers, the film is fairly lightweight, lightweight, flexible and easy to insert into a variety of products such as soles. Electro Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nic component embedded shoe low polymer energy harvester can be used for transmitter module power supply Source:Fraunhofer IPMS the research lab has created a polymer energy collector embedded in the sole product display, when the pressure and frequency range by the specific gait leads to mechanical deformation, can be produced in a few seconds the number of micro watt (W) power. more importantly, this energy acquisition circuit can also be adjusted to transmit power to the transmitter group and transmit data cables at intervals of several seconds. In principle, this energy harvester and circuit are also suitable for monitoring various biological data. (plum shoes editor) yesterday after bringing WTAPS? X? Vans Vault joint leakage of shoes, only a Style 36 black picture, I believe that Vans fans are not feel satisfied, again today to give you some Zhang Xielu figure, let us one step closer to advance to see this series of shoes mami. where a pair of red wine color Style 36 really beautiful burst, the tongue is still sewing WTAPS standard cloth, shoes suede insole used in production, but also Vans Originals leather. Another burst of Sk8-Hi although not clear enough, but enough to make you see it. A message is displayed, WTAPS and Vans Vault this year will be jointly composed of seven or eight pair of shoes, about three pairs, two pairs of Sk8-Hi Style 36 and three pairs of Era let's highly anticipated, waiting for a series of blockbuster joint launch. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogPuma sports players to join British fashio cheap foamposites n designers to create 2013 spring and summer shoes 2013-03-11 11:23:00 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network / trendsetters] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network March 11 hearing, recently Puma and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan from the UK together to create the clothing branch PUMA by Hussein Chalayan, sporty style while also into the fashion element. Immediately blew a wave surge of Hi-Street. Order these practical and stylish both popular works! This pair of shoes belonging to this spring and summer series on trends and skills combine elements of difference to other spring and summer new work. Hussein Chalayan did not choose to floral patterns, even in spring and summer elements more people have long been accustomed, but use a pattern instead of birds, as then with the ice-blue rubber soles so that the overall effect is as if there was a cool breeze from the front blowing. Brought to the attention of small fresh summer experience. Related newseveryone has the same love for everything, and it's a lot of time and effort to put in a lot of time and effort. I believe that a lot of 90, 80 or even 70 after falling in love with basketball in addition to its own charm, a large part of the reason is because this is called "DUNK SLAM" comic book. Indeed, the author Takehiko Inoue described to us in this world, it is called the north school does not exist in reality. But the vivid characters still evokes was our young enthusiasm for the sport. Among them, especially the protagonist Yingmuhuadao most typical. Yesterday, the release of X Slam Dunk Jordan series products will be our memories back many years ago. So today, we take a look at the north of No. 10, the "genius", a little bit in the strip. sneakers in fact, Yingmuhuadao completely is not a sneaker, that from his earliest wearing ordinary shoes play can see. But the topic of shoes in the "slam dunk" is indeed a very important part of from Rukawa jordan 5, Mitsui ASICs, mystical converse and Sakuragi's Jordan 6 and 1 are evident. From this and the above mentioned a few pairs of shoes of the boom is obvious to everyone, on this topic, we will then discuss. But the point is that you can now do not want to be able to 100 yen to buy a pair of Jordan 1 oh. about like if in the past, there is such a girl to ask you such a question, I am afraid you will give the same answer. However the love like this is not true of, we will use some empty words to achieve their own purposes, but eventually found it just castles in the air, the result can only be a mirage. But fortunately, we Sakuragi's classmate in the final clear: relative to the son of fine feeling, they care more about basketball to bring their own happiness. This is enough, we are all so really love the basketball. and Qingtian of this dialogue is another matter, strictly speaking (ever) is the bad boy of cherry wood should be more favor to judo the more intense sport. But the fact is that he was in Qingtian (beauty and violence??) Under the double threat, or choose the basketball. No wonder the gorillas are quite happy to hear this dialogue. In fact, at that time, basketball has been in the hearts of cherry root. If you have such a teammate, I believe you will, right? rebound "people who control the rebound can control the game" - By, a famous Japanese center Aki Takenori in Rodman as the prototype of the Yingmuhuadao the color in the cartoon in addition to his adorable funny sell, is.Lakers rookie langzuo · Bauer before entering the NBA launched $495 signature shoe, the pompous behavior has been strongly questioned by the outside world. but the ball home but will not become a low-key, this is not, they engage in things -- Beijing September 1st, langzuo's brother Ramelow · Bauer officially launched personal signature shoes The Melo Ball 1, the price is $395, $100 cheaper Branzo signature shoe, and his shoes also from the Bauer family of brand Big Baller Brand. new shoes available at the same time, father Bauer Laval · consistently pompous speech, he claimed that this pair of shoes is the "industrial reformer", personally designed by the 16 year old Ramelow. In appearance, the shoes are made of red and black gray, and the vamp design contains streamlined lines. · Bauer, the father of Laval; own brand Big Baller Brand has opened the pre-sale mode, is expected in December this year officially shipped. At the same time, ramelow · Bauer became the first player in the history of the high school students have their own signature shoes. In this regard, the ball dad has always proudly declared that "history has been rewritten."." in fact, the Bauer family is a family of basketball, father Lawal and mother Tina were college basketball players. As an amphibious athlete, Lawal also played for the NFL European Union, the kings of london. Since their childhood, the three brothers have played in a team coached by their father, who has a remarkable basketball talent. as everyone knows, this summer, the Losangeles Lakers used the pick off brother Zuo Lang · Bauer. With a stunning data averaging 16.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, 9.3 assists and 2.5 steals, Zuo Lang won the Las Vegas Summer League MVP, at the same time as the Lakers winning the first ever player, the new season in the foreseeable future. in addition, now read four Lian Gerald and three of the Ramelow family, have the same terrible basketball gene. His younger brother Leigh Angelo was in this season's single game scoring 72 points, dropped into 13 three pointers. In February this year, the high school playoffs, play the main Samuel Ramelow even scored 92 points score in the game. Among the 2019 freshmen entering the University, Ramelow has topped the list ten times. has three such excellent sons, and his father, old Bauer, publicly said in April that he hoped to get a package contract for his three sons. At the same time, sponsor brand and its own company Big Baller Brand launched joint brand cooperation, shoes endorsement fees and to reach more than $1 billion. Such harsh conditions, many have the willingness to sponsor brands have chosen to retreat far away. after fruitless negotiations, the father in the name of the family brand, as langzuo · Bauer D personal first signature basketball shoes ZO2, let him become.You have read the FB, called NIKE SHOES (HK). He insists he is American. On line Y. I went to see to profit, and no one knows the customs and D fake shop bonuses, most people and so timid, so many people in the factory goods sold than Li Ping